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Medium Roast Bold/Exotic



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Experience our amazing Happy coffee, that begins with a rich, dark, chocolate taste. Your journey continues with the juicy and fruity tones of blackberries. The symphony of flavors are further enriched with the comforting notes of hazelnut; and your experience concludes with a smooth and luxurious almond finish.

Flavor/Cupping Profile:


  • Chocolate
  • Blackberry
  • Hazelnut
  • Almond
  • Washed/Sun-Dried
  • Clean Cups

13 reviews for Happy

  1. Tessa

    Never had this type of coffee before and taste is amazing!

  2. Trey


  3. Ernie

    This roast is my favorite so far! You can literally taste the quality!

  4. helen C

    Literally makes me HAPPY!!! Taste is so good, I switched from starbucks to get rid of that acidy taste. I swear my taste buds can legit taste the quality here!!!

  5. justin p

    Love this coffee because it doesnt hurt my stomach! Goes down so smooth!

  6. dawn C

    My friends come over and first thing they ask is for me to whip up a pot of my specialty coffee!! We love it! Taste is like no other!!!

  7. Lauren M

    Taste is amazing, you can literally feel the quality in every sip!!!!

  8. Shelly Groves

    Legit is the reason why I wake up.. so I can start my pot of coffee and fill the house with the aroma! The taste is so incredible!!!

  9. vincent h

    The only coffee that doesnt hurt my stomach

  10. Poppy

    The taste of this coffee is so smooth! It just feels like quality compared to my dunkins pods!

  11. Heather S

    This coffee makes me HAPPY! I have issues with my stomach and acidity and this is the best coffee out there that doesnt hurt when I drink it!!!

  12. gail d

    I’ve been searching for the perfect morning brew, and I’ve finally found it with this coffee. The aroma alone is enough to wake up my senses, and the taste is unmatched

  13. Susan

    As someone with a sensitive stomach, I appreciate the low acidity of this coffee. It’s gentle on my system while still delivering a bold flavor profile.

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