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Medium Roast/Bold



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This coffee is a fabulous fusion of floral and chocolate notes. The floral hints are bold and fragrant, adding a delicate aroma to the cup. The nuttiness of almond and hazelnut amplify the rich chocolate flavor. A wonderful touch of honey and malt add depth and complexity to the taste, which create a bold and inviting cup of coffee..

Flavor/Cupping Profile:


  • Chocolate
  • Almond
  • Honey
  • Malt
  • Hazelnut
  • Sweet
  • Mellow
  • Creamy
  • Washed/Sun Dried
  • Clean Cups

21 reviews for Believe

  1. Faye Barker

    This coffee is so smooth and is not acidic . I so look forward to my coffee every morning. I can’t wait to try all your coffees-Keep them coming!!

  2. Sarah Rowlings

    I have now tried all three coffees. Every one is awesome!!

  3. Harold Rowlings

    I have now tried all three coffees. Every one is awesome!!

  4. Harriet M

    This coffee is great. I can’t wait to try the others. I had never tried specialty coffee-you can really taste the difference.

  5. Aaron Mathews

    This coffee is so aromatic and smooth. This specialty coffee is luxury coffee!!

  6. Denise Gordon

    1st 5 star coffee I have ever had, keep up the good work!

  7. Tammy C (verified owner)

    I think I have a favorite and then I try another one…and it becomes my favorite I love BELIEVE! They are all so delicious and so smooth! I go to bed at night thinking about my morning coffee! I have never loved coffee so much!

  8. Michael

    No heartburn after drinking. This is the best coffee. Love it!

  9. Penni

    I look forward every morning to a large cup of this coffee. It’s smooth and just perfect.

  10. JM (verified owner)

    So smooth and tastes incredible! I never realized how much different specialty coffee was on the taste buds! I’ll never go back!!!!

  11. Melissa Swaim

    Never had specialty coffee until recently and had no idea how MUCH better tasting it is!!! I’ll never go back!! Legit goes down like butter!!!!!!

  12. Andrianna

    Taste is so on point!!! So glad my friend introduced me to Epicurean! The smell in my house is amazing as well!

  13. Kevin D

    I’ve never tasted coffee as good as Epicurean Coffee. Their beans are so rich and flavorful, and the aroma alone is enough to get me out of bed in the morning! lol

  14. Nancy Warner

    Epicurean Coffee is the perfect indulgence for any coffee lover. It’s smooth, rich, and packed with flavor. I can’t recommend it enough!

  15. Jevone

    By far my favorite coffee here. I love bold coffee, so this is exactly what I need in the morning. The chocolate flavor note is subtle, but you can definitely taste it!

  16. Ben

    Roasted to perfection, you can taste the quality!

  17. Marti K

    As an avid coffee enthusiast, I’ve tried many brands, but Epicurean Coffee truly stands out. Its organically grown beans offer a remarkably smooth and rich flavor. The fact that it’s shade-grown and handpicked only adds to its exceptional quality. Plus, its low acid content is easy on my stomach. Definitely a must-try for those who appreciate fine coffee!

  18. Tensin

    Finally, a coffee that I can enjoy without worrying about harmful additives or chemicals. This coffee ticks all the boxes for quality and purity.

  19. Stacy

    I love how versatile this coffee is. Whether I’m enjoying it black or as a latte, it never fails to impress.

  20. Victor

    This coffee has earned a permanent spot in my pantry. It’s simply the best of the best I’ve tried!

  21. Nancy Korn (store manager)

    The attention to detail in the roasting process shines through in every sip of this coffee. It’s a testament to the skill and expertise of the roasters.

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